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Child Injuries in the Summer

Casey Woodruff

undefinedGiven that summertime often becomes synonymous with warm weather and school vacations, many children in Champaign enjoy relaxing days outside while they’re at home or away at camp. However, many popular kids’ activities pose serious risks of child injury, and it’s important to keep your children safe while they enjoy both indoor and outdoor pastimes of summer.

Parents Can Prevent Summertime Injuries

According to a report from ABC News, an article in the journal Pediatrics emphasized that preventable child injuries are “the leading cause of death in children.” And in most cases, parents have the power to prevent those injuries from happening. Indeed, each year one out of every three pediatric deaths results from an unintentional accident that could have been avoided. In the U.S. alone, that’s more than 12,000 fatal child injuries. Even when kids don’t suffer fatal injuries, preventable accidents lead to more than 9 million visits to emergency departments every year.

The best way for parents to prevent injuries is to “be vigilant, as well as informed.” According to Dr. Richard Besser, a practicing pediatrician, “many parents do not realize that injuries are the leading cause of death in children and that most of these are preventable.” Indeed, according to Dr. Michael Höllwarth, one of the authors of the Pediatrics article, “the most important thing for the parents to do is to get the appropriate information and possibilities of how to prevent” child injuries.

While pediatricians emphasize that parents shouldn’t grow paranoid each time their children leave the house or visit a swimming pool, it is nonetheless imperative that parents know about common child injuries that tend to happen during the summer.

Types of Preventable Child Injuries

What kinds of injuries are children most susceptible to in the summer? According to the article in Pediatrics, parents should pay particular attention to the following types of preventable summertime accidents and injuries:

  • Drowning: when it comes to an unintentional drowning accident, home swimming pools are most often to blame. Drownings account for around thirty percent of all unintentional deaths among children between the ages of 1 and 4 years old, and most of these happen in residential swimming pools. How can we prevent a deadly drowning accident? First thing’s first: children should always be monitored closely whenever they’re swimming. Indeed, leaving a child unsupervised in a pool for even a few minutes can result in a fatal drowning accident. In addition to supervision, it’s important to place a fence around your pool to prevent children from swimming without your knowledge, to require your kids to wear lifejackets whenever they’re swimming in a lake or river, and to ensure that your kids have swimming lessons. Knowing how to swim properly can make the difference between live and death.
  • Burns: outdoor cooking and grilling in the summer can quickly lead to a serious burn injury. Ensure that your kids are supervised if they’re near a campfire or barbecue.
  • Falls: more children sustain serious injuries in fall-related accidents than most of us would suspect. For older children, summer sports and bicycling often are to blame. And each year, falls result in about 26,000 traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) to young children and adolescents. If your kids are playing summer sports or riding bikes, make sure they’re wearing the proper protective equipment, including helmets.
  • Car accidents: since summer is often a time for family road trips, auto accidents frequently result in serious child injuries. If your children are riding in the car, they should always wear seatbelts. And for younger kids, ensure that you’re using an age-appropriate safety seat.

Parents and other adults can help to prevent child injuries in the summer. However, if your child recently sustained a serious or fatal injury, you may be able to file a claim for compensation. Contact a Champaign child injury attorney at Woodruff Johnson & Evans Law Offices today to learn more about our services.

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