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Public Employees Disability Act (PEDA) for Injured Police Officers

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PEDA for Injured Police Officers and Other First Responders

First responders face daily threats of injury that most of us never do. They are entitled to the same rights to receive medical treatment and compensation for permanent injuries as are the rest of us for their work related injuries. Illinois Public Employees Disability Act (PEDA) gives first responders and certain other public employees, such as corrections officers and certain State hospital employees, additional protection when it comes to compensation for lost wages caused by work accidents.

The PEDA mandates that such injured first responders receive 100% of their salary, tax free, for up to one year. If such injured employees are disabled for more than one year, they are entitled to receive TTD benefits, just like the rest of us, as long as they are temporarily totally disabled as a result of a work injury.

In addition to the special wage protection, PEDA also mandates that such workers cannot lose their sick time, vacation time, or service credits to their pension plan.

Illinois law provides additional protection to the spouse and children of first responders who suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. The Public Safety Employees Benefit Act mandates that if a first responder suffers such an injury, the spouse and children of that first responder are entitled to 100% payments of health insurance premiums. The benefit continues to children until the age of 18 or to the age of 25 if the children are enrolled, at last part-time, in an accredited institution of higher learning.

If you are an injured first responder or a family member of one that has suffered serious injury, know your rights.Contact us at 630-585-2320 so that we may help protect these very important rights and protections.

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