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Happy Labor Day Weekend

Posted on in Car Accidents

Labor Day celebrates the hardworking people that made this country the strongest in the world. Unfortunately, given a three day weekend concluding the summer, it has also become synonymous with something else: Fatal car crashes. Please remember to observe these basic rules when operating a motor vehicle this weekend in order to protect yourself and others on the road.

(1) Avoid driving while fatigued or drowsy. It is a long weekend and frequently loved ones are far away. Get plenty of sleep before driving. If you have passengers that are also licensed drivers, share the driving duties with them. Caffeine and cold air will not replace rest. Do not drive while drowsy or fatigued.

(2) Do not consume drugs or alcohol prior to driving. Drugs and alcohol are the number one contributing cause of fatal accidents in America. Moreover, this weekend is the number one weekend for random DUI roadside checkpoints.

(3) Put away your telephone. Telephone calls, text messages, and other electronic communication can wait until you have reached your destination. Distracted driving frequently results in fatalities. So as to not be tempted, put your phone away and turn it off.

(4) Be patient. The roads will be crowded. The trip will be longer than usual. The weekend will be over and you are headed home. Impatience at this time will simply increase your blood pressure, may cause you to make poor decisions resulting in a possible fatality accident or worse yet, road rage. Road rage can then lead to a traffic fatality without any known violation of the motor vehicle code.

Be alert, be sober, and be patient. Happy Labor Day to all.

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