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How Will the Government Shutdown Impact Workers' Comp Claims?

Posted on in Illinois Law

The partial government shutdown that started December 22, 2018 and ended January 25, 2019 impacted numerous public services. In this blog, we explain if the shutdown will impact workers' compensation benefits.

State & Federal Workers' Comp Cases

If you have a pending workers' compensation claim, you are probably wondering how the partial government shutdown will affect your case. If you filed your claim at the state level, your case shouldn't be impacted by the shutdown. If you filed your claim at the federal level, your case might be delayed.

Open or Pending Workers' Comp Claim

The Department of Labor is responsible for issuing workers' comp and disability benefits to injured federal workers. Although the Department received sufficient funding from Congress in the beginning of 2018, it might still be affected by the partial government shutdown.

Will the Government Shutdown Make Workplaces Unsafe?

Aside from workers' compensation benefits, workplace safety could also be impacted by the government shutdown. The shutdown can cause delays in workplace safety inspections, which can result in hazardous work environments.

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