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Red Light - Stop!

Posted on in Car Accidents

Perhaps no symbol is as iconic as the red light. Almost all understand it to mean "stop!". Even before we learn to drive, children engage in the playground game of "Red Light. Green Light." to verbally command stop and go.

Why then does it seem that Americans are heeding the warning less and less? According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, the number of people killed when a driver disobeys a traffic light has reached a ten year high. According to numbers released for the year 2017 (the last full year for which numbers are available), fatalities numbered 939 attributable to red light running. That is a 31% increase from those killed in the year 2009. Whether the increase in failure to observe traffic lights is attributable to distracted driving (example, smartphones), a lowered regard for the seriousness of the warning, or some other factor, is hard to determine. Nonetheless, the numbers are troubling.

Some safety advocates suggest additional use of traffic light cameras, roundabouts, and technology to assist automated braking to combat the offense. While speeding is the number one moving violation among American drivers, running a red traffic light is one that has a significantly increased likelihood of resulting in a fatality.

Put down your phone, observe all traffic signals, and remember "Red Light. Red Light. Red Light."

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