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How Do Illinois Workers' Comp Settlements Work?

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The state of Illinois is a no-fault state when it comes to workers' compensation law. Therefore every employee that sustains injuries at the workplace within Illinois is entitled to compensation. However, for an order for compensation to be entered, the injured employee must prove that the injury was sustained at the workplace while engaged in their lawfully allocated duties. Our workers' compensation attorney champaign IL from Woodruff Johnson & Evans understands the repercussions that work injuries can cause, including rendering one unable to work. Hence, working with a workers comp lawyer champaign IL gives you a chance to get the right advice and subsequently guide you on proving that the injuries arose from your workplace.

How much is workers' compensation worth in Illinois?

It is a legal requirement that every employer in Illinois carries workers' compensation insurance. Through the insurance coverage, injured employees can receive compensation to cater for any damages resulting from the injury. Further, various factors determine the amount of benefits an injured employee is entitled to. The severity of the injury, the injured body part of the employee, and recovery time are factors that will be considered before benefits are given to the employee. Generally, the compensation received varies from one case to another; therefore, to maximize your benefits, it is crucial to consult with our workers' compensation lawyer champaign IL, for insights on how benefits are calculated in Illinois.

How to report an injury

Once a work-related injury occurs, an employee should ensure they notify the employer as soon as possible, with the maximum period for making such a report being 45 days. If the organization has a nurse, supervisor, or manager, an employee can always file a report with such representatives, for they act as the employer's agents. While an oral report can be regarded as sufficient, it is always advisable to document your report writing.

Suppose you have been involved in a work-related injury and are in a dilemma on the correct procedures to follow to pursue your benefits. Our attorneys at Woodruff Johnson & Evans can always offer you the guidance you require.

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