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Insurance Laws Specific to Illinois

Posted on in Illinois Law

Auto-accidents are some of the most common accidents on Illinois roads. The results of such accidents range from serious or minor physical injuries, material damage, etc. What usually follows after such accidents is insurance claims aimed at seeking compensation for any form of damages suffered. During the claim process, most parties are vulnerable. Most especially those who suffer physical injuries are probably in the recovery stage or have depleted their finances, taking care of their hospital bills. Therefore it is easy for such a party to take up any settlement amount offered. Our personal injury lawyer Chicago from the law office of Woodruff Johnson & Evans can always assist you with all the legal aid you require to help maximize your benefits. With the knowledge and experience each of our attorneys possesses in insurance law and insurance claims, you have the assurance that your case is being handled by a lawyer with great attention to detail.

What are the limits of insurance that are mandatory?

When it comes to auto-accidents, Illinois is a comparative negligence state. Therefore it is not automatic that a certain party is responsible for the accident hence solely liable for damages. Several parties can be held liable for the accident, including the injured party. Determination of liability is an exercise that requires thorough research; that is why it is in your best interest that you retain a competent Personal Injury attorney Chicago throughout your case. Once a determination of liability has been reached, the claimant will receive compensation less their liability. For example, where it is found that the contributory negligence of the claimant was 20%, the benefits they are bound to receive will be less than 20%.

Underinsured Claims

Most people will be terrified to realize the at-fault party in an accident is under-insured or uninsured. Well, our Chicago personal injury lawyer is at all times, ready to help. In such instances, an injured party has the discretion to launch a compensation claim with their insurer. If the damages from the accident are covered in their policy, then the insurer's compensation is to the extent of the policy limit. Subsequently, the insurer can institute a claim for recovery of damages from the uninsured party in a civil litigation subrogation case.

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