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Top 5 Ways Your Workers' Comp Can be Denied

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People who become injured while on the job may be eligible to collect workers' compensation benefits explains one seasoned workers' compensation attorney Chicago inhabitants will find it easy to locate. There are several different reasons why your workers' compensation benefits can be denied.

The top 5 ways your workers' comp can be denied include:

  1. Failure To Report the Incident by the Required Time Deadline

All employers are required to ensure their workers' safety on job sites. Employers should quickly perform an internal accident investigation to determine if, when, and why the accident occurred in the first place. A competent workers compensation lawyer Chicago area citizens already trust can help victims build their case.

  1. Concerns That Your Injury Didn't Happen While At Work

If there is any question of whether the injury really happened while the victim was at work or not, the company may not be liable to pay any type of claim benefits cautions a local workers comp attorney Chicago business leaders often consult.

  1. Victim Found to Be Intoxicated During Time of Incident

If the victim was found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the time of the incident, it could jeopardize the entire case.

  1. The Injury Was Due to a Pre-existing Health Condition

An employer may win a workers' comp case if the injury happened due to a pre-existing medical condition. This is a tricky situation, and a knowledgeable attorney can help get the needed evidence on behalf of the injured employee.

  1. Victim Failed to Seek Immediate Medical Treatment at an Approved Medical Provider

Most employers require employees to see an approved medical provider if hurt while working. The claim could be denied if the victim procrastinated or failed to seek care.

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