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Who Pays My Medical Bills?

Most medical providers are not sympathetic to the plight of a person injured due to the fault of another. They want to get paid. Some will take whatever action is necessary (i.e. sending the client into collections) to collect their money. Of course, this can have an adverse effect on a client’s credit history. How to guard against this? Who should pay the bills in the interim?

Hi, my name is Dexter Evans and Attorney. Woodruff Johnson Evans and I'm here today to talk to you about payment of your medical bills. One of the questions that claim commonly as when they come to my firm is when I'm at an accident and have medical treatment. Who is paying for my medical bills or who should be paying for my medical bills. The other person's insurance typically will not pay for your medical bills during the pendency of your case. Usually will make a settlement all-inclusive of everything your medical bills pain suffering loss of normal life lost wages at the very end of your case. The question is while I'm waiting for that who is paying for those bills and so there are a few sources that are the most common ones that you can look to pay your medical bills. The first one I recommend is to go through your health insurance. Why. Because health insurance pays for your medical bill. They get a discounted rate when they appeared under Illinois law. However, you're allowed to recover the entire bill so you get the benefit of the discount. Additionally, most times when an insurance company pays for your medical bills they are seeking reimbursement they have to reduce whatever they're seeking by one third because you have an attorney working on the case. There is something called the common fund doctrine in Illinois. Sometimes your health insurance will not pay for a medical bill due to an accident. Other times a medical provider won't take health insurance because they know you have an accent and they want to put a lien on her case.

So, the second source I recommend clients look at is their own medical payments coverage through their own auto insurance. Why is that a good idea. Because like health insurance whatever your auto medical bill payments coverage pays they have to reduce automatically by one third because you have an attorney working on the case again that benefit goes to the client. The only difference between the health insurance pain in your own medical payments coverage through your auto insurance pain is that when auto insurance pays they pay the full amount of bill they don't get a discounted rate. What if you don't have health insurance or won't pay or you don't have auto medical payments coverage. The third way in which you have your bills taken care of is to ask them to pull the pin on your case. Most times they will do that automatically. Sometimes you have to ask them to do it. Why would you want to have a line put on her case? Because first most of the time they will stop any type of collection at first. That can affect your credit. Secondly even though we have to pay any leaves out of a potential settlement to you we're usually successful in being able to negotiate some type of reduction of those leads. In summary when you are in an auto accident there are usually three ways in which you have your medical bills paid. Obviously, most people can't afford to pay those out-of-pocket immediately. So the first source would be your health insurance. The second source of your ideal medical payment is coverage.

The third way is to heavily in your case so that your attorney can try to negotiate a settlement of that mean to get you more money in your pocket.

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